Lessons are one-to-one and last approximately 40 minutes. I use gentle hands on guidance and verbal explanation to help you to explore and change your habits of movement.

I will guide you through some simple activities like sitting, standing up, walking and lying down before applying the technique to specific activities. It is important that you wear clothing that you can move around freely in.

Through experience and observation, gained in lessons, you will develop an increased awareness that enables you to change long-standing habits and function more efficiently.

This can result in less wear and tear on the muscles, help with pain management and improve injury.

Part of the lesson will include lying down in the classic Alexander Technique Semi-Supine position, which allows maximum relief and support for the back.

The experience gained in Alexander Technique lessons can help you to achieve and maintain healthy poise and good co-ordination for life.

Private one-to-one lessons are £40 per 40 min. I also offer a course of six lessons for £220 when booked in advance. 


Alexander Technique Lessons





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