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Sarah is a member of The Society of The Teachers of The Alexander Technique (STAT). She teaches one-to-one private lessons at from home in Portslade Old Village. She also runs workshops for actors and groups and has recently been working with students at Rose Bruford College, The Actor’s Centre and The London School of Musical Theatre.

Sarah believes that Alexander Technique lessons are beneficial to everyone. The technique is a re-educational process that has many therapeutic values, it can help a person to break out of old, unhelpful patterns of movement and behaviour and restore their natural, poise, balance, and equilibrium.

Sometimes referred to as embodied mindfulness, pupils often remark that they feel freer and lighter after a lesson, with a sense of heightened conscious awareness.

People of any age and ability will find the technique helps them to feel calmer and more confident.

It is an investment in themselves and the real value lies in applying it to daily activities. It is especially helpful for anxiety and stress related conditions, improving posture and alignment, muscle tension and stiffness and back and shoulder pain.

Sarah brings a calm and friendly approach to her lessons and the only homework she will give you is to lie down in the classic Alexander Technique Semi-Supine position.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about The Alexander Technique or would like to book a lesson. She is always happy to answer any enquiries.


(Sarah is currently working on an Independent Research project with Rose Bruford College, London, as part of their Collaborative Theatre MA programme which focuses on Teaching The Alexander Technique to Performing Artists.)


Book an Alexander Technique lesson with Sarah now by calling or texting 07984 214138.



My Story

My Story


I was introduced to the Alexander Technique when I was a student at drama school. My voice teacher had remarked that I was affecting the resonance of my voice due to poor postural habits.

Prior to this I had been a sufferer of chronic RSI and had also suffered from recurring back and neck pain as the result of whiplash sustained in a road traffic accident.

I never expected to find a solution for these physical problems in something I first went to for a vocal issue but The Alexander Technique was a whole body solution and through learning it I gained practical skills that were applicable to my daily life.

I felt better physically, mentally and emotionally and I noticed that my anxiety levels reduced significantly.

My interest in the mind body connection was piqued and I felt I had to pursue a training course and share this unique self-help skill with others.




Sarah Barfoot

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